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Amanda's Why

I am passionate about supporting organizations in becoming diverse, inclusive and thriving workplaces.

My focus is on challenging unconscious bias and inequality through powerful leadership development programming, emotional intelligence-based assessment, and deeply insightful consulting, facilitation and coaching so that:

  • leaders lead through respect and accountability;
  • employees take personal pride and ownership in their work and how they show up; and
  • organizations act as a committed partner with every stakeholder, generating unprecedented success for everyone. 

I do this because, having been written off as a leader in my early career by an unskilled executive because of my shyness, I experienced my own powerful transformation as a leader through a process of receiving dysfunctional feedback that resulted in my own self reflection, deep work, and personal accountability. This, along with a recognition that so many people were unhappy at work, led me to pursue my career in emotional intelligence.  So through my personal story (which I share in my upcoming book), along with my emotional intelligence expertise and experience as a talent management professional, I have come to know that:


  • change is not only possible with the right focus but essential for transformational leadership
  • leadership is a privilege
  • respect is a human right, and we are all born good
  • non-judgment is the new leadership capability
  • leaders can only expect to lead in a transformational way if the systems they work within support them to be non-judgmental
  • clear, consistent, and integrated organizational systems are key to driving sustainable change


My Core Values

I run my business and all of my programming through my core values which are:

Equality: We are all significant, worthy, and important

Optimism: There are endless possibilities

Excellence: Always go the extra mile and beyond

Respect: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

My commitment to you is that you will experience a highly respectful and exemplary service when you engage our services in training, coaching and consulting.