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Are you a leader who wants to be the best leader you can be, not just for your people, but to honour your own integrity?

Being a powerful leader who others respect and want to follow requires a special set of skills around communication and influence.

As soon as we are in a leadership role, we have the power to make or break somebody's day with just a word, a look, or our tone of voice, or even damage their career through our unconscious bias or lack of coaching ability.

People are watching how we show up, how we treat them and others, and how we create a safe environment for people to thrive in.  Leadership comes with great responsibility, requiring intelligence, compassion and accountability.

It's a tough gig … and if you are reading this, then I bet you are completely up for the challenge!

In this essential leadership Masterclass you will:

  • Explore your leadership impact so you can gain real awareness around how you build and unwittingly destroy trust
  • Discover the neuroscience of giving and receiving feedback so that you can approach all your leadership conversations with integrity and compassion
  • Recognize your unconscious biases so that you can be more choiceful about how you manage them and their impacts on others
  • Learn how to respect your own unique leadership capabilities so that you can step into your leadership power with integrity and passion to truly engage and influence those you lead


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Not Just A Workshop!


I want to help you build your leadership capability in a powerful way so this Masterclass is not just a workshop.  You will also undertake an emotional intelligence-based personal assessment AND receive a follow-up coaching call with me to build your leadership development plan.


Here is the Masterclass process:




On the workshop you will:
  • explore the five key aspects of the leadership privilege that impact your ability to be truly openminded and compassionate, and to have an unbiased and equitable perspective.
  • view leadership through the relational lens to significantly advance your ability to influence and build true engagement and empowerment with your team and your stakeholders.
  • practice techniques for emotionally intelligent communication so that you remain balanced, compassionate, and emotionally robust when involved in challenging or delicate discussions.


The SRQ emotional intelligence-based assessment and Leadership Trust Assessment will help you identify:

  • your limiting perceptions, blind spots, and self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviours that drive judgment
  • your use of power in relationship dynamics (including tendency to rescue, criticize, rebel or comply)
  • your levels of confidence in others, and levels of own self-confidence
  • the impact of your current level of self esteem in handling stress, change and conflict
  • how you recognize and manage your emotions and emotional responses to challenging people and situations


During the follow-up coaching session we will:

  • take a deeper look at your SRQ emotional intelligence-based profile for further insights into how you can become more compassionate and present
  • specifically discuss the nuances of your leadership that you wish to enhance, change or adapt
  • build a practical action plan to develop your recognition of how you use your leadership power, and to build your non-judgment capability so you become a leader who builds engagement and high performance in others





Next workshop date: Thursday February 14, 2019

Workshop times: 8.30am - 4.00pm including lunch

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Package price*: early bird $245, standard rate $295

Group rates available


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*Prices include workshop lunch and exclude GST



This Masterclass can also be delivered in-house - please contact us for details.

Non-judgment of self and others has always been the central message of my work as an Emotional Intelligence thought leader, coach and facilitator. Latterly my work has brought me to the corporate HR arena where I have worked to put dignity and care at the heart of people strategy. This requires a holistic approach to cultural change by aligning transformational leadership competencies, inclusive practices and people development strategies with non-judgmental people systems.

While studying to become a certified professional diversity coach, I mapped out a model for building diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces, by aligning the principles and language of ED&I with my core messaging around equality, non-judgment, dignity, care and ‘the leadership privilege’.

The principle concepts of this model are that:

1. Workplace cultures that deeply value, respect and leverage how people are different, truly reap the benefits of diversity – the sponsor of this aspect is the Executive team;

2. People strategy and systems built on the principle of dignity lead to fairness and equity – the sponsor of this aspect is HR;

3. Teams that care about each other and that respect each member’s uniqueness, build a sense of belonging which leads to inclusion – the sponsor of this aspect is the team’s leader.

My three-sided model – the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion pyramid – provides a visual of how the three aspects need to be happening concurrently.

For example, a workplace will not be truly equitable and inclusive if leaders are developed so that they build inclusive teams, yet they have to work with judgmental performance and talent management processes that ‘rate’ employees or put them in boxes based on bias.






The Diversity and Equity sides of the three-sided Equity, Diversity & Inclusion pyramid.










 © Amanda Knight 2020










The Inclusion and Diversity sides of the three-sided Equity, Diversity & Inclusion pyramid.









 © Amanda Knight 2020




To discover how to use this model in your organization, please contact Amanda to find out about her Diversity & Inclusion online program, or to discuss a customized approach designed specifically for the needs of your workplace.