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Our flagship program, The Leadership Privilege, is leadership programming designed to facilitate culture change by working with leaders to understand their impact:

  • the importance of building and communicating a clear vision so that everyone's energy is aligned;
  • recognizing that it's it's not what you say, it's how you say it, and that delivery needs to equal intention;
  • and how a healthy, positive culture can only come about when systems and leadership work together to empower employees so they can each feel valued and included for their unique talents and perspectives.

In-house and Open Programs

We offer The Leadership Privilege Program as a customized in-house program to specifically meet the needs of your culture change, and as an open program for individual leaders to attend, and is offered once a year in Edmonton, Alberta.

Program Structure

The program is run over a 2-3 month period across 3 x 1-day facilitated sessions, with SRQ emotional intelligence-based self and 360 assessment, personal development plan building, and peer-based action learning. Success is measured through personal assessment before and after the program to ascertain positive change against the learning outcomes and the assessment scales.  The program meets the requirements of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Program Overview

The Leadership Privilege program is a deep dive into what it means to be an emotionally intelligent leader – a leader who shows up with impeccability and emotional intelligence, as well as with the strategic thinking capability and accountability to achieve organizational success with and through his / her team.

Being a powerful leader who others respect and want to follow requires a special set of skills around communication and influence. As soon as we are in a leadership role, we have the power to make or break somebody's day with just a word, a look, or our tone of voice, or even damage their career through our unconscious bias or lack of coaching ability. People are watching how we show up, how we treat them and others, and how we create a safe environment for people to thrive in. Leadership comes with great responsibility, requiring intelligence, compassion and accountability.

Through the Leadership Privilege program you will:

1. Explore your Leadership Impact through:

  • emotional intelligence-based assessments to discover your leadership trust factor and relational patterns
  • understanding the Power Paradox of leadership and its connection to psychological safety
  • reviewing the links between blame, trust, empowerment, culture, and being consistently respectful

2. Discover how to best grow your talent:

  • explore best practice around performance management and succession planning
  • recognize your unconscious biases so that your people assessments are based on an objective perspective
  • practice techniques for emotionally intelligent communication so that you remain balanced, compassionate, and emotionally robust in a range of leadership conversations

3. Recognize what it means to be a High Performing Leader

  • learn how to respect your own unique leadership capabilities so that you can step into your leadership power with passion and ownership to truly engage and influence those you lead
  • bring emotionally intelligent concepts and approaches into your negotiation, influencing and collaboration practice so that others are encouraged to input into the process
  • take shared ownership around the culture change the organization is seeking

Who Should Attend?

The program is designed for mid to senior level leaders who care about the impact they have on others and who are seeking to be the best leader they can be, and for leadership teams who are working together to build or transform their workplace culture.

Find Out More

To discuss a customized program for your organization please contact us here.