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The Leadership PrivilegeLeadership is about people.  It is relational.  Great leaders are those who truly value the unique talents, aspirations and qualities of their people.

We know this, yet engagement studies continue to suggest that the workplace is full of employees who are struggling to be motivated or to feel truly valued for what they bring to the table.  We also know that lack of engagement directly impacts organizational performance, so what do our workplace leaders need to do to transform the employee experience while achieving business success?

In 'The Leadership Privilege', Amanda Knight explores the deepest beliefs and transformational behaviours that workplace leaders need to step into to facilitate high performance in their people.  She also takes a look at the organizational people systems that need to be in place to support workplace leaders to be the best that they can be (after all, they are employees too).

Bringing tried and tested techniques from the world of emotional intelligence, along with leading edge thinking around organizational people practices, this book is an essential handbook for today's workplace leader, and a powerful resource for HR professionals wanting to drive positive change in their organizations.

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