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The SRQ Accreditation Program

The SRQ Accreditation program is run as an online program over four consecutive weeks, followed by practices and a final assessment.

During the program you will gain an in-depth understanding of The SRQ reports, including the 360, so that you can make the most of the information it provides, and help others explore their reports more meaningfully.  You will also gain access to a suite of development exercises and resources that you can build into your own coaching practice.

What accreditation in The SRQ gives you:

  • Online individual and 360 profiling for use in personal, team and leadership development
  • The latest, emotional intelligence-based development tool built by EQ experts and development specialists
  • Value-for-money tool that is stand-alone
  • A tool that also dovetails with other profiling tools to provide new, additional insights and more sustainable change
  • Self-coaching resources through development exercises and workbooks
  • Monthly virtual meetings and an active user community for product updates and shared learning


"Amanda Knight, Founder & CEO of The SRQ, a phenomenal tool, is a subject matter expert on Emotional Intelligence.  I enrolled in The SRQ accreditation to further my own career and become well versed in Emotional Intelligence and the impact that I have on others. I have benefited from working with Amanda for a few years where she introduced me to the tool and coached me in leadership. The SRQ is helping me to become a better coach and leader in my day to day activities, both professional and personally. I plan to use this in my current role at McCoy Global as well in my personal life to build strong and health teams.  I would highly recommend Amanda and The SRQ tool to others."

Jodi Berner, Senior Manager, HR Operations & Talent Management, McCoy Global Inc.



The SRQ Accreditation process


The SRQ Accreditation is a blended learning program that runs over 4 weeks plus a final assessment period.  It involves:

Theory:  Understanding how The SRQ was developed, how it can be used, the development concepts that underpin it (particularly emotional intelligence), and how to use the tool to accelerate the personal change process.

Practice:  To become an accredited SRQ consultant you need to demonstrate an intuitive understanding of the tool, and an ability to feedback profiles in a safe, empathic, empowering way.

Personal Learning:  You will explore your own emotional intelligence throughout the accreditation as this serves as the most direct way to understand the theory, purpose and effectiveness of the tool, and to becoming an emotionally intelligent, 'Emotional Intelligence' coach ...

Assessment:  There is a short written assessment at the end of Weeks 1, 2 and 3, and a final assessment to be completed once all the practice sessions have been completed.

Blended Learning:  This is a virtual program that uses the following interventions - videos, live Q&A video calls, online sharing, and telephone coaching

Accredited consultants are encouraged to participate in the online SRQ Community and asked to attend a number of free continuous professional development sessions to maintain their accreditation.


The SRQ Community

Whether  you are an in-house development professional or an external coach, trainer or consultant, as soon as you join our SRQ Accreditation Program,  you will become a member of our pioneering SRQ Community.  You will get to know and work with your fellow participants in your program cohort, and then join the wider community once you are fully accredited.

The purpose of the SRQ Community is to continue to learn and share with each other our knowledge and experience of working with emotional intelligence at continually deeper levels to effect sustainable personal and organizational change.  We encourage collaboration between community members, and you will have access to our continual learning portal where we share broader learnings about the application of The SRQ assessment and development system.

Once you have become an SRQ Accredited Consultant you can opt to have your contact details listed so that potential clients can contact you for your expertise.  See our current list of SRQ Accredited Consultants here.



Click here to see our current SRQ Accreditation Program schedule and pricing.


"The SRQ online course with Amanda Knight is a little gem.  The course material is excellent and introduced some new dimensions in Emotional Intelligence that has helped me personally and in the way I train EQ in leadership courses.  The online webcasts and access to documents was slick and effective and The SRQ reports are very dense and yet sill readable.  It is good value too!  I would recommend it for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of EI and an excellent report for EI coaching."  David Hill, Leadership Coach and Facilitator, First Ascent

Non-judgment of self and others has always been the central message of my work as an Emotional Intelligence thought leader, coach and facilitator. Latterly my work has brought me to the corporate HR arena where I have worked to put dignity and care at the heart of people strategy. This requires a holistic approach to cultural change by aligning transformational leadership competencies, inclusive practices and people development strategies with non-judgmental people systems.

While studying to become a certified professional diversity coach, I mapped out a model for building diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces, by aligning the principles and language of ED&I with my core messaging around equality, non-judgment, dignity, care and ‘the leadership privilege’.

The principle concepts of this model are that:

1. Workplace cultures that deeply value, respect and leverage how people are different, truly reap the benefits of diversity – the sponsor of this aspect is the Executive team;

2. People strategy and systems built on the principle of dignity lead to fairness and equity – the sponsor of this aspect is HR;

3. Teams that care about each other and that respect each member’s uniqueness, build a sense of belonging which leads to inclusion – the sponsor of this aspect is the team’s leader.

My three-sided model – the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion pyramid – provides a visual of how the three aspects need to be happening concurrently.

For example, a workplace will not be truly equitable and inclusive if leaders are developed so that they build inclusive teams, yet they have to work with judgmental performance and talent management processes that ‘rate’ employees or put them in boxes based on bias.






The Diversity and Equity sides of the three-sided Equity, Diversity & Inclusion pyramid.










 © Amanda Knight 2020










The Inclusion and Diversity sides of the three-sided Equity, Diversity & Inclusion pyramid.









 © Amanda Knight 2020




To discover how to use this model in your organization, please contact Amanda to find out about her Diversity & Inclusion online program, or to discuss a customized approach designed specifically for the needs of your workplace.